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At YS Canadian Academy, we strive to produce competent and creative beauty artists and to help them develop successful careers in the industry. Regardless of one’s background, the academy offers an equal amount of training and guidance to all students. Being a subsidiary of the YS Canadian Laser Spa, our students get the opportunity to work with actual clients during training. Just as it is in the Spa, we prioritize on safety and hygiene.

Our courses have been thoroughly designed to train each student in the arts and sciences of the various professions for them to obtain sustainable employment in the beauty industry. We offer short but composite training courses that are custom suited to the industry and demands of the public. Our training is focused on the perfection and mastery of hairdressing, face, and body care techniques.

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Our programs are designed to ensure flexibility with the evening, and weekend classes for those students engaged in other activities. With small classes of 2-4 students per classroom, we ensure effective instructor-student interaction and mastery of skills. You will get the chance to practice your skills on real clients on our Spa. On completion of courses, students get professional certification that is widely recognized in the industry and may get employment in YS Canadian Laser Spa.


The programs offered by YS Canadian Academy require a lot of hard work and discipline, just like any other educational program. Please don’t enroll if you believe in the “get rich quick” ideology; we only need dedicated and serious people who want to enrich their lives through professional development.

All courses and training content presented herein is collected and presented with the best interest and knowledge. Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee success or results.

Any financial figures mentioned are illustrative of concepts and should not be considered as earnings, promises for future or actual performance.

You are responsible for your decisions, actions, and results, by applying for admission you agree not to hold us liable for your decisions and actions.

School Policy

Students must make every effort to attend classes as scheduled. Else charged makeup time must be scheduled with the manager, usually done during the day and within Monday to Friday. Attendance records are strictly kept, students must report prior if there are to be late or absent.

Exams and practical are taken seriously, and missing a test implies a 5% deduction on the total mark. The school observes a strict pass mark of 70% on both written and practical exams. Should a student fail in the first attempt, they only get one more attempt. The professionalism of the students contributes to their final mark (their punctuality, adherence to the dressing code, and work ethics).

Students must always show mutual respect to fellow students, instructors, and the academy’s property. Books must be brought to theory classes and required practical equipment availed in all practical sessions. Failure to prepare adequately for classes is not tolerated and can lead to loss of credit. Food and beverages are not allowed in both theory and practical training sessions for hygiene purposes.

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