Job Opportunities

YS Canadian Academy courses will give you the opportunity to work in different types of industry.

Work with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist

Representative of Cosmetic Laser Manufactories

Provide trainings. Educator in the Aesthetic or Medical Aesthetic field

Work as a Medical Aesthetician at medical-spa or Aesthetic clinic

Assistant instructor for aesthetic school

       Home Business                 

Have your own medical-spa or clinic                 

Sales representative of beauty equipment and products and supplies                 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose YS Canadian Academy?

The academy provides our students with the best opportunity to gain professional and practical Spa and Salon experience. Our training focuses more on gaining hands-on experience as students spend more time working with actual clients under supervision by professional instructors. Ys Canadian academy houses the best-qualified instructors who implement the most modern teaching techniques. Our classes are kept small for optimal instruction with maximum attention to each student.  With this, our graduates enter the beauty industry with a superior skill set, knowledge, hands-on experience, and the confidence needed to be successful. 

What are the requirements to start your career?

To join us all that we required is the completion of an admission application and a simple one on one interview with our admission Director.

Prior certification in the Beauty industry is not a must, but it’s an added advantage.

Who are these courses for?

Our courses are for students interested in the beauty industry, but don’t have or are unable to get any diploma in beauty therapy. We also offer courses for skin care specialists and laser technicians who wish to have additional knowledge and

Why upgrade your skills?

These days the beauty industry has significantly grown with many unqualified therapists serving the many unsuspecting clients. However, the best way to remain competitive in the industry is by upgrading your skills and attaining a professional qualification in your career. With certification and practical training on hands-on experience, it’s easier to get employment even without prior job experience. Students get the chance to gain more knowledge that they may not get from books or other sources. YS Canadian academy is the best place and offers you the best solution to upgrade your skills to a professional therapist. 

When you should start?

Depending on the course, students can start training at any time that is convenient for them. Our admission offices are open for applications and any inquiries. Our schedule is open to all, and upon admission, students can schedule with their instructors when to start their course.

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